If you are attracted about guitar then you can learn guitar yourself. But you must have put into practice more and more. Because practice is success. So you should to stay in touch 2 to 2.5 hours in a daily. If you have the essential idea on drums rhythm then you can simply study guitar's rhythm. I hope that you will be continue these and you must be a good guitarist and to show your best performance. This lessons provided are accompanied by photos and in some cases tab. Here is a large variety of free guitar lessons on this site. some of these lessons give suggestions on how to improve you guitar playing.
1st day we know about guitar diagram and some chords. Now we know about chords. There are some chords like A major, A minor, B major, A# major, A# minor, B major, B minor, C major, C minor, C# major, C# minor, D major, D minor, D# major, D# minor, E major, E minor, F major,F minor, F# major, F# minor, G major, G minor, G# major, G# minor etc.

Now we know about A major chord. If you want to know about A major chord then 1st you have to know about guitar's note. So what is guitar note? We know about guitar's diagram. There are some frets. Each of frets has name. Each cord has frets, like A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#. 1st I told the name of six cords. Fist string is so thin then another whose name is "E" cords. The next string's name "B", then "G","D","A" and end cord is so fat than other whose name is "E" too.
If you want to create "A" major chords then 1st your forth finger push on "B" cord on C# note then your thirds finger push on "G" cord on "A" note, then your second finger push on "D" cord on "E' note. When you push this all of note together then it is create "A' major chord. If you see "A" major chord's image then you can simply create this chords.
Now I told about A# chords. 1st your forth finger push B string on C note then your third finger push G cord on A# note, your second finger push D string on F note and your 1st finger push on F# note in first cord(E) and when you all of note push mutually then it's create A# chord.
If you want to make B major chord then try this,press on 3rd fret or G note of 1st string(E) and others three finger(4,3,2) on 5th fret of 2nd(B), 3rd(G), 4th(D) string.this is B major chord. For C major chord and others please try this proses again.