Do you interested to learn guitar? This site is very helpful to learn guitar. Very easy to learn guitar if you read this and try to play guitar. I hope If you want to be A guitar hero please try it carefully. I hope if you practices it regularly then you can be a guitar hero. Try it..........................
Now we are discussing about guitar notes. We know the notes are A,A#,B,C,C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#. Here we have notified that B and E have no sharp (#). We discuss about sharp and flat later. Specially the notes are moved round the cycle. If you start from A note your end note will be G#. After G# it will comes round to A note and it has called an octave. The first octave, 2nd octave, 3rd octave come chromatically. The distance between two chromatic notes is called 1 semi tone. Like as A to A# notes. The distance between A to B notes is called 1 tone. Actually 1+1 = 2 semi tone make 1 tone. Now we will discuss how to find note. There are many ways to finding notes but now we know how to tuning guitar.


A step by step process to learning to tune tour guitar, with a little suitable way. i hope that by the end of this lessons you must be able to tune your guitar and be able to read basic rule. Well this can be a problem for beginning guitarists who do not have a guitar tuner, one of this handy little device who is indicate through a lite when each cord is in fact at the correct pitch.
The theory behind it is that mostly with turn to the following. The question you are probably asking now is " how do i work out what an " E" or " A" is any way? " Well, to assist this what i have done is to record a sample of my guitar playing and open E cord so that you can tune your E cord to it. From this one cord we can tune all the other cord of the guitar. Tuning a guitar is most basic, it is most important things to you should do before play a guitar.
It is easiest to buy a guitar tuner, they cost about $5 and they are really the quick to tune your guitar. it is also easy way to tune a guitar 99.99% accuracy. however, if you haven't a guitar tuner but you want to tune a guitar, the "throns" give you a method that I use there are many others, but I find this to be the easiest to understand. A good way to do this is to play them together, try to get it close and then play them apart by switching backwards and forwards between the two you many force your ear to here the difference.
It should be noted at this points that tuning the guitar can be the biggest obstacle that many beginning guitarists can face and that it is very easy to lose enthusiasm at this points. Keep trying it is only through repetition that your ear can learn to distinguish between what is right and what sounds wrong. Before i show you how to tune the rest of the cords of the guitar, i will introduce you to a way of tuning. This will make it easier for me to depict the concept that I'm about to explain. So the "THRONS" is presenting the easier manual method to tune your guitar...........
We start at the 6th cord in your guitar. When played this cord open it is an E note. Now if you wish to need a keyboard, harmonica or pitch pipe, tuning fork or any other instruments then you can found the note. All of you want to do is start the tuning tone until the note in the guitar sounds like "E" note then you have just played. Once you have that first note you proceed in an orderly manner tuning one cord after another. On the fifth fret Press down is the same note as the fifth cord played open. When you Turn the tuning tone until the fifth cord sounds same the sixth cord with the five fret depressed.
Now the rule continuous and the fifth fret of the forth cord if you press down and tune the third cord to this note. if you want to the third cord tune there is the different rule. On the forth fret of the third cord if you pressed down and then tune the second cord on this note. last time the fifth fret on the second cord if you pressed down and tune open first cord to this note.